Welcome to the world of Poi

The incredible poi game is a traditional maori game. Maoris are the native people in New Zealand. They used the poi for tradional maori dancing and spiritual celebrations. Poi consists of a ball with a tale which is fixed on a string and a ring for the finger to spin them. You can do different moves and circles with poi in different position to your body and the poi to each other. Try the joy of poi.

Playing poi is good for - and supports - the ability of concentration, keeping the rhythm and body coordination. It brings left and right brainsides together and supports them equal. It keeps you fit and last not least your joy of live is rising quite a lot. Poi can be used in the kindergarten, youth work, school, therapy, work with handicaped people, brain training, physical fitness, dance therapy, gyms, etc.

Klaus Scheuermann is working on poi a lot. He published a book which teaches how to learn poiswinging easily. This book is available from March 2002. He does workshops on this topic and plays the firepoi in a amazing and incredible shows.

For this book he workes out easy metaphors to name the different moves. These are dedicated to the appereance of the moves and the kind of spin, for instance: sunrise, rolling poi, etc. To play poi like a percussion instrument he developed symbols and rhtyhms. The basics of poiswinging are easy to learn. With neonpoi and blacklight amazing performances can be done. Playing poi is, alone as much enjoyable, as in a group of people.